12 Months of Thrifting Challenge: Dash of Thrift March Prompt – Shapes

Welcome back to the 12 Months of Thrifting Challenge hosted by Dina’s Days and Goodwill! If you’re just joining us the goal of the challenge is to help you add a “dash of thrift” to your outfits using 12 themes that you can easily find at Goodwill.

What do we mean by shapes?

Exactly what it sounds like! Thrifting and styling clothing, accessories, prints, and patterns in interesting shapes. Squares, circles, 3D shapes, triangles, and so on.  

Why shapes? 

Shapes are a fun and easy way to add an interesting statement element to your outfit. Also, you can find a lot of interesting pieces with shapes at secondhand stores. 

How we like to wear them


One of my favorite ways to add a simple “dash of shapes” is by thrifting purses, jewelry, and accessories in fun, basic shapes. For example, a round or square purse. Triangle-shaped earrings, or v-shaped scarves.


For the next level up with this theme, I opt for bolder pieces like a dress with a heart shaped or geometric pattern.


When I’m feeling bold, I’ll search places like Goodwill for things with asymmetrical shapes or even fun kitsch finds like a phone-shaped purse!

What is the 12 Months of Thrifting Challenge?

The goal of the challenge is to help you add a “dash of thrift” to your outfits using 12 themes that you can easily find at secondhand stores.

How to join

Save or take a screen shot of the schedule.

For each month in 2020, use the schedule to shop for a specific prompt at secondhand stores. It can be locally, online, clothing swaps, whatever – as long as it’s secondhand.  Better yet, shop your own closet for these items you already own them!

Listen to the podcast, read the blog, or check IG and Facebook each month for styling and thrifting tips. 

Share your outfits and finds with us on social using #12MonthsofThrifting


  • Use this schedule as an inspirational tool and not as a strict guide
  • Don’t feel pressured to buy something you don’t want to buy
  • Add these items to a running thrift list and don’t give up because you couldn’t find something right away (you probably won’t)
  • Shop your closet if you already own these items
  • Explore different ways to wear secondhand (online, borrow, clothing swaps, locally, ) but don’t buy or wear something you don’t love
  • Share your finds with @dinasdays and #12MonthsofThrifting
  • Relax and have fun

12 Months of Thrifting Schedule