#12MonthsofThrifting Challenge: Clutch Bags

Oh clutch bags, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

I’m pretty sure clutch bags were one of the very first things I thrifted when I was in middle school. I really had no business thrifting a clutch at that age since I never had anywhere to wear them. What was even in my purse at 14? Anyway, all this to say my love for clutch bags runs deep and goes back nearly two decades.

First of all, what’s a clutch? It’s a handbag that typically has no strap and is one that you well, clutch in your hands. Typically, clutches are small in size so you can only fit the essentials for a night out, but as you can see in these photos, more and more clutches are coming out in all shapes and sizes for both daytime and evening wear.

I think I’ve always loved clutches because they add a touch of elegance to your look, even if it’s a casual or trendy clutch. Another reason why is because they are incredibly affordable at Goodwill, as in “$2 – it costs less-than-lunch affordable.” You can always count on finding a whole stash of clutches at Goodwill stores ranging from small coin clutches to large envelope clutches. I love everything from a bold, beaded clutch, to a classic vintage style, and everything in between. To prove this to you, I pulled some recent photos and also went back into the archives on my blog (back to the days when I had braces!) to share all of the clutches I’ve thrifted from Goodwill over the years. None of these cost more than $2.

We have one more month left in the 12 Months of Thrifting challenge! Next month’s prompt is a cozy cardigan – something I desperately need right now!



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