2014 New Year Style Tips

Style1Happy New Year Everyone!

I wanted to share a few style guidlines that I am going to try and incorporate this new year.  It is so easy for me to resort to the same styles all winter… because it’s Ohio, and it’s kind of chilly (ya know?)! Here are a few things on the list.

Everyday Vintage. Every morning when I ruffle through my closet I always skip right over my favorite vintage pieces.  For some reason I feel that I should save them for special occasions.  Well this year I have decided to kick this silly rule out the door and actaully start wearing some of my favorite things.  I find so much great vintage outerwear at Goodwill!  This suede coat with fur trim is the first thing on my list to start wearing (a lot!).












Classic Dresses.  Another rule that I’ve always been stuck on is saving some of my nicer dresses for parties, special occassions, etc.  You can typically find me in a t-shirt and my favorite jeans throughout the week, but I am going to try my hardest to break this rule too!  I just found this beautiful silk dress at Goodwill.  It is perfect for a cocktail party, but paired with a cardigan, tights, and boots, this would definitely be a great look for the work week.












Adding a Trend. This past year I have found a clothing company I am really fond of called Ace & Jig.  I have been tempted to purchase a piece or two of their beautiful handcrafted items, but some styles cost up to $400!  When I saw this dress at Goodwill the other day, it had the same flare and was very reminicent of that look.  Although it is more of a summer time dress, when you see something at Goodwill it is best to purchase it then, because if you wait chances are it won’t be there when you get back.











Thanks for letting me share!

Lauren Ward