2021 Fashion Predictions

(Akron, OH) – This is the year that truly…anything goes!
With so many of us (well, all of us) under strict orders to isolate, we are going to want to express ourselves in many ways. Some of us will take on new hobbies, while others are evaluating what is truly important. So in terms of fashion and what to wear this year…
Basically anything is going to go! Be more creative! More creative the better!

This is the effect of diving into passion-projects and us having to stay home. DIY will be a big trend this year and we’re becoming more crafty.
We are still in a recession and I think this made people feel like they needed to be more resourceful. Unusual and unique is going to be a huge trend this year.

Here I highlight some predictions for 2021 to not only be on the lookout-for but to TRY! The sad truth is that most people will be focused on your mask, so making bold moves with popular staples will be EASY this year.
Let’s dive into 2021!!!!

Do: Sequins
A trend that we are seeing carry over from 2020 is SEQUINS! This simple addition to any outfit adds sparkle and shine in a subtle or obvious way!
My suggestion is to be a touch more subdue in this trend because we see SO much sparkle at the Holidays…so just a touch of sequins on a sleeve, or shoulder of a shirt is a winner

Do: Fur
Fur lines jackets. Fur lined cardigans are so very in! With the sparkle and glamour that is carrying over from 2020, so is fur! It is not all fur from head to toe, but instead dashes of it on the sleeve, collar, etc. Think sophistication, class and non-obvious. Of course, if you can…go for the faux!

Do: Yellow!
Did you know that every year has it’s own color??? YEAH! Companies like Sherwin Williams and thousands of design firms turn to Pantone to see what is trending in the way of color. So many design-decisions are based on the color of the year! The color of the year for 2021? YELLOW! Well, more specifically the combination of PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray + PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating (YELLOW)

The officials at Pantone say, “These colors are aspirational and give us hope. We need to feel that everything is going to get brighter – this is essential to the human spirit.”

Do: Puffy Sleeves
I love this trend that we are continuing to see! Flirty, big, flouncy sleeves! There’s really no rhyme or reason, maybe just that we want more flexible-feeling from our sleeves and not to feel constricted. The more funky the better for this one, or just a touch too-big on the sleeve, please! TIP: Pair this look on top with some slim jeans or leggings. Always good to do the opposite on the top than on the bottom and vice versa.

Do: Groovy Patterns (especially on the bottom)
Unique patterns are sticking around…especially in pants. If we think about it, a major accessory has become a MUST in our fashion-lives: masks. So this is absolutely going to draw more attention to our faces. The best way to balance that is to play up your bottoms. So grab comfy or structured pants and reach for the ones that are a little colorful or artsy and you’ll look much more balanced in terms of items you picked out for the day!

Do: Dress Up for WORK

Okay, okay…so we had so much grace when it came to dressing up in 2020 that we literally could be in PJs for days, working from home and no one would ever know! But ya know what? That is NOT good for the overall health of our mental and physical states. TELL me a pair of stretch pants doesn’t make you feel differently than a black evening dress!

This year, ditch the lounge-wear (at-least while at work or working on work) and put your best foot forward again. Think of what you wear to work as your armor…I know I do! It’ll help get you feeling confident and feeling your best self again in no time!

BTW…I got this amazing plaid blazer at my fave blue / A GOODWILL BOUTIQUE /

My hope for you this year is to throw out other’s opinions of you when it comes to fashion. Be courageous, experiment and try something a little new.

Also, fashion and your overall look doesn’t have to be perfect. Maybe some days it’ll be off just a little but. Well, ya know what? You owe nothing to others about how you look. You don’t HAVE to look perfect, put together or fashionable. So take that pressure off of yourself and just try to do your best….always!