3 Ways To Get Kids Inspired For Halloween

I absolutely love this time of year! Fall and everything that comes with it — changing leaves, cooler days, and Halloween!

Years ago, it seemed Halloween decor and costumes weren’t available till sometime after Labor Day, but these days, retailers put fall and Halloween items on their shelves by mid-August.

But I’m not complaining! I’m one of those people who jump right on the chance to shop early for mums, cornstalks AND Halloween costumes!

Halloween is something children love and look forward to. My child throws out costume ideas as soon as November 1st (I’m not kidding)! It can take some serious thought on what to be — a Disney character? Famed Superhero? Or creepy vampire? The list of ideas is endless!

I stopped into my local Goodwill to get some inspiration for this coming season. Sure, I can choose to buy an already made costume all stitched-up and perfectly adorned for parties or I can let my creative juices flow and shop around to put together my own variation of festive favorites.

That’s exactly what I did when searching for a few ideas for kids!

I mocked-up a few of my own ideas and selected a few images online to show you how you can add to any outfit to make the costume complete!

My first pick was a Scarecrow. A perfect costume for a boy or a girl! The nice thing about this type of get-up is girls can even shop in the boys section to find oversized clothing to have that country bumpkin feel.

I found a great pair of jeans and simply placed them with a white undershirt and plaid button-up. And how about this perfect straw hat for an accessory? The Goodwill also had cowboy hats made from straw for the boys (or girls, of course!).

To complete the look, pick up a bale of hay and stuff some into the pockets of the jeans and glue some to the outside brim of the hat. You can even stuff the opening of the sleeves and the outside of a pair of boots or shoes and you got yourself a little scarecrow! Don’t forget face paint too! The Goodwill is stocked with Halloween paint to match any costume your child chooses to be!


If you have a daughter, then chances are she’s into Disney Descendants. Mal and Evie are two names you’re familiar with, right? 😉 When I came across this urban-looking patched jacket, I immediately thought of Evie — daughter of Evil Queen from Snow White! The tattered look of her jacket is a key component in her look.

I also grabbed this darling black belt with silver stars to loop around the waistline. Pair it with any pair of dark leggings from the Goodwill (black, blue or gray) and a mini skirt to coordinate and your girl’s costume is practically complete!


Cut-off gloves, ankle boots and a few sprays of blue hairspray will make your “Evie” feel rotten to the core!

Lastly, for your sweet little one…I found this darling duo of leopard prints. Soft, comfy and cute and your female feline will be ready to roar for tricks or treats on Halloween! Simply add a pair of kitty ears and a few whiskers and set her out to prowl!


So much to look through and get inspired by this season! Stop in. Take your time. And have fun with your kids as they get inspired! That’s what the Goodwill is here to do!

Happy costuming!