4 Back to School Trends for Less

We’re coming up on back-to-school…already!

This is the time when kids are getting anxious about who their new teacher will be and if they will be sharing the classroom with their best friends. Seems like once the 4th of July had passed, merchants at every major department and discount store were lining their shelves with school supplies adorned with OMG’s and #hashtags faster than fidet spinners flew off the shelves!

This is the time of year where our kids are getting their last fill of summer, not to mention their fill of ice cream (I know I am). It’s also the time where you can get your fill as well…by spending less cash on department store finds and save more by shopping at your local Goodwill.

Kids like trends and trendy things don’t always come cheap. Let me be real, by the time you purchase your children their jeans, jackets, shirts, shoes, backpacks, etc, etc, from major labels such as Under Armour, Justice and the Gap, your spending bill can rack up into triple digits!

I shopped around to find the latest back-to-school trends this year and I noticed denim is back…again! We love denim, right?! It’s comfortable, it goes well with everything, you can dress it up or down and it washes well. For us parents, the latter means durable fabric that we don’t have to iron. Shoo!

Check out this darling denim button-up for girls…


I layered it over a feminine, lacey, pink tee and put it with a soft, floral, ruffled skirt from Justice. Early in the school year, this darling outfit can be worn without tights, but once we get deep into fall, a cute pair of knitted tights and boots would transition this outfit from a late summer look to a cozy fall style!

Moving on to the next girl style, I felt like I hit a homerun when I came across this layered, ruffled denim skirt and gorgeous purple, ruffled top.

I love how the ruffles from each item complement one another perfectly! You can put a pair of ballet flats with this outfit to finish off the sweet look with or without nylon tights.

Have you seen the prices of Under Armour attire? Why spend on retail markups when the Goodwill takes donations which can include such well-crafted sports attire like UA, Nike and Adidas, just to name a few.



The young boy in your life will give you knuckle bumps for picking up this hoodie! And for a low cost of only $2.48! Seriously! Sorry, I’m shouting, but I was just as excited to find this name brand hoodie as I am telling you about it!

I paired it with these soft and comfy khakis and layered a striped tee underneath.

I’ve said it before, I love plaid, especially in the fall! I found this neutral plaid button-up for boys and paired it with a pair of dark, worn jeans and burnt orange graphic tee for a cool, trendy back-to-school style.


In addition, I came across a few fun and useful backpacks as well. Have you seen the prices of backpacks at major retailers these days? Yowzers! You can pick out a gently worn backpack for $3.48. You can’t come close to a more economically friendly price than that!

So, before you think about stepping into a major retailer, try stepping into your local Goodwill and see what you can find. You can get a few great trendy items, as well as, staple items to start the school year off right!

Goodwill is definitely the place to seek this season’s trends for less! Your kids will feel so good and so hip, they may even be too cool for school… 😉

Wishing all your kids a stylishly fun, memorable and safe school year ahead!


~ Monica