8 Summer Trends to Wear Now

It’s finally summer, ladies!

For me, that doesn’t mean less clothes, but it does mean COLOR, fun prints, and just shaking it up a bit!

My curated clothing rack at blue / A Goodwill Boutique / is now available to shop again- and this time around my focus for the pieces on it was summer trends!

If you’re not really a trendy person, don’t stop reading! Because I think that if you invest in the right trends they can still be versatile after the season is over. Here, I’ll prove it to you!

Trend #1: Tie Dye

Nothing screams popsicles by the pool like tie dye, am-i-rightttt???

While casual by itself, you can also class this fun print up by adding a blazer and a black or denim pencil skirt! Make sure you check out The Style Counsel’s take on tie dye HERE! You can also incorporate it into your SHOES, dare I say?!

Trend #2: PEACH and CORAL

I’m so glad this trend from last summer stuck around, I love pops of peach and orangey-coral in the warm months!

Trend #3: Animal Print

This is an easy one! Animal print, while trendy, is always in style. BUT beware. All animal print is not created equal. Some can look tacky, but by choosing the right one, it can look very classy and even expensive (but at blue / A Goodwill Boutique / you don’t have to spend a lot!)

Trend #4: Print Mashup

I’ve seen this a lot this year! A mod-podge of different prints sewn together in different directions. I think this is a good trend to invest in, especially in classic colors- then, you can add a denim jacket, or a blazer to even out the craziness 🙂

Trend #5: Neon Green

Wowza- it’s like wearing glow in the dark clothes, but it is a fun one. For this I suggest buying a pair of neon earrings, or even a fun bag. OR kill 2 birds with 1 stone by getting  a NEON GREEN TIE DYE shirt 🙂

Trend #6: Polka Dots

Like animal print, this classic print can be trendy and timeless. To mix it up, maybe choose a large print, for a more subtle look, go for the teeny polka dots in a fun color like red or orange!

Trend #7: Bermuda Shorts

I love bermuda shorts! I don’t wear shorts above my knees, so I’m so glad these are making a come back. I love that you can dress a navy or black pair up with a blazer and pumps to wear to work, or throw on a t-shirt, ball cap, and sneakers for the Indians game!

Trend #8: Lavender

I am going to try and step out of my comfort zone and try this at least once this summer! I have like zero purple items in my closet, but lavender is such a dainty and beautiful shade of purple that I think I am willing to give it a try.

You can find all of these trends on my curated rack at blue / A Goodwill Boutique / PLUS a whole slew of black and white staples to wear this summer and into the Fall! I hope you’ll check out my rack- what is your favorite summer trend this year?

XOXO – Taylor