All that Glitters on

Sparkly, glitzy, glamorous, bling. Whether it’s fine jewelry, costume or vintage pieces, there’s always a wide variety of treasures to be found on

Our agency in particular has seen everything from vintage estate pieces to fine jewelry to ethnic and tribal pieces. Although precious and semi-precious rings, necklaces, bracelets and brooches tend to do very well online, there are also lots of jewelry that attract a number of bidders.

Beginning in June, all of our retail stores will be sending their jewelry to for online sale. This will allow customers from across the country a chance to view and bid on these gorgeous items.

Below are some of more interesting pieces of jewelry that were donated to our Retail Stores and then sold online.

Blue Topaz w/Diamond Chips Ring-Sz. 6.5 WOW! (#21241365)



Assorted Gold 22k 10k & 14k Precious Scrap Metal (#20488723)



Vintage Crystal/Rhinestone Jewelry Lot (#21220439)



585, 14K Gold Bracelet (13 Grams), Diamonds (#21309405)



Lot of Three 10K Diamond Bracelets (#21433585)



Ethnic Jewelry Around The World W/Haskell Piece (#20691527)



White Gold Band, Large Stone, Sz. 6 Ring-Diamond (#21241654)



Vintage Jewelry, Grandma’s Sterling, Rhinestones (#20956893)



Emerald/Diamond Cluster Ring-Sz. 5.75 (#21241576)



925 Star Sapphire Ring, & Necklace Semi Precious (#21148946)



Opal Ring-Size 6, October Birthstone (#21241419)



Rhinestones & Crystals-Kramer of New York (#21219579)



Gold and silver items are very popular because of the value of precious metals at this time. If you are a jeweler, collector or are just looking for a great price on jewelry, you’ll want to always check the glittery finds on

You can search specifically for the Akron agency in the seller tab of the search button. Look for OH-Akron.