Alternative Spring Fashion

lauren1Believe it or not soon the snow will be melting and daffodils and crocuses will be poking their pretty little heads up to remind us that Spring is here again.  I can hardly wait!  In the meantime, I like to go through my closet and plan a bit for the upcoming season.  So what’s on the agenda… Spring fashion. I know what you’re thinking, floral dresses and oversized hats, but I’ve been doing that so long I decided to update this year (hehe). 

 I styled three different looks. The first was easy. I found a really cute neon green dress with a white lace overlay. I paired it with my biker jacket and ankle boots, and boom! A little edge to a classic spring dress. 















My second and favorite look is definitely casual.  I found a really cool printed tunic top and paired it with a denim top that I found in the kids section (always a good spot to look for random things). This outfit was easy to pull together and very relaxed which is right up my alley. 













Lastly, I found this beautiful tie dye dress. To be honest I’ am not usually a fan of tie dye, but I threw it in the cart anyway. When I tried it on I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked the fit. This is another great tip when shopping, although something might not exactly scream you, whenever I see a nice cut in my size I try it, because you never know. 














Cheers to Spring! 

 Lauren Ward