It’s the year that everything seemed to shut down and here we are, with another shut-down consistently looming over our heads. What are WE fashionistas SUPPOSED to do? Not only is there a thrill in the “acquiring” of our fashion, but half the fun is also in showing it off.

This year’s back-to-school guide looks slightly different as so many are in fact, going “back” to school from home. In this guide you will see trends that seem to be opposite, or dare I say, “extreme.” Currently, we are “darned if we do, and darned if we don’t”…

So, in unpredictable 2020 FASHION there’s really only one rule…”If you fail, at least you do so while daring greatly.”

What I’m saying here…is try to branch out of your norm, because no matter your efforts, you’ll end up just looking like Zorro, mask and all…

2020 (back) to SCHOOL TRENDS:


I asked the gal(s) in my household who are actually still enrolled in school to fill me in on what’s trending in their lives as well. While both my lovely stepdaughters will be remote-learning, they still (like me) take care and effort in how they present themselves to the world. On behalf of Mya, a large trend for back-to-school kiddos is high-waisted pants along with a snug-fitting top.

I know, I know…’high waisted’…I mean ARE THEY SAYIING MOM JEANS ARE IN??!! Well, actually, kinda. So there’s a way to sport it while not looking frumpy and it’s with a chic, simple (tight) top. I personally think this look looks best when sported by the younger generations but if you have high-waisted pants, bring ’em on out.


Yep…it’s offical. A smile is STILL something you need to sport ESPECIALLY during this crazy time.

Here’s a question: ever heard of the term from ‘America’s Next Top Model’ that was coined from host Tyra Banks, a combination word she called ‘smize’? Well, it’s a playful, happy expression one makes with their EYES…while they’re SMILING. So, put on a mask JUST to be safe, and work on communication over the fabric with your ‘smiling’ eyes.

This brings me TO MY NEXT (discovered) TREND / told to me by my BEAUTIFUL Step-Daugher MYA

Okay y’all… so according to all those Tik-Tokers and kids on their electronic devices, a bandana or head piece is STILL in. I say “still” because if you recall, at the beginning of quarantine due to the 2020 Pandemic, everyone was either sporting a headband or some kind of hat. Well, my (correct) theory was that because salons were no longer open and people were having to do the “at-home salon” to themselves that we would see much more roots and the attempt at hiding it!

Well the (creative) solution has with-held this season of non-sense and has taken form with cute ’50’s-style headbands that have fabric wrapped on it with a bow.


Let me introduce you to this serendipitous gal, Laurel. She was out one evening in Akron and her and I were wearing THE SAME TYPE of headband. Not to hide our hideous roots but instead as a ‘darling’ addition to our outfits. This was a great way to bring a ‘pin-up’ feel to the evening.


This look is actually one of my favorite trends this season as it is so well sported by those on-the-go and can hold all the necessities.

Fanny packs have made a comeback within the past couple years but this chic way to wear it, like Matt McCallum does over his shoulder and in front is SUPER stylish.

This look is for guys and ladies and will hold your $$, lipgloss and mask in a really retro way. Two thumbs up for this look and my models Ben Manista & Matt McCallum.

This brings us to the end of our ‘Tale of Two Opposing Trends” and the polar-opposites that we are seeing—with tight-on-the-top tops and baggy on-the-bottom pants. And while we’re exploring, I’d like to mention the trends that are in but are not pictured: contrasting tie-die, leopard + leather and CAMO.

The moral of our story is to do something a bit daring with your fashion because the times that you are actually in the public-eye right now is limited and truly, everyone is so concerened about health and safety for themselves that you can dare to be a bit DARING.

Go bold into the rest of this year! And as always, head to one of my absolute favorite high-end resale stores blue / A GOODWILL BOUTIQUE /. They continue to be open Mon-Sat!

XOXO, Julie