Beat the Back-to-school Crowds

One of the greatest thing about Goodwill is that you can shop seasonal merchandise all year round. That way you can beat the back-to-school crowds by shopping early.

I asked my sister to send me a list of things my niece and nephew need for the upcoming school year so I can keep an eye out while I’m out and about thrifting. I scored incredible deals on a few outfits for the kids at the Goodwill’s Akron Waterloo location.  I often wonder why anyone would buy children’s clothing anywhere else because the options are truly endless –  racks upon racks of shockingly inexpensive clothing in like-new condition.




I admit, I spent an unfair amount of time shopping for my niece than my nephew because little girl’s clothes are just too cute.




Here’s a round up of what I bought my niece:

Children’s Place pink pants $2

Baby Gap polka dot top $2

New with tags Old Navy polka dot jeggings $2

Floral pants $2

Leggings $2



Although my sister instructed me not to buy the Star Wars shirt for my nephew because he already has a lot of summer clothing,  I did anyway because that’s what aunts do. I mean really, it was too cool not to buy it.




Here’s a roundup of what I bought my nephew:

Star Wars t-shirt: $2.48

Old Navy cargo shorts $2.48

Zip-up hoodie $2.48




I spent $17 on both kids, plus I used a 20% coupon so my total was an incredible $13.50! Those Children’s Place pants are probably at least $15 at the store.


I’d say we’re off to a thrifty good start for back-to-school!

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