Catalog Inspiration Leads To High-Style Finds



I recently read on Anthropologie’s Instagram page that their prop stylist, Kendra Smoot, uses vintage flea market items to embellish her settings for their catalog shoot.

And then I had a lightning strike of an idea!

Bring the catalog to Goodwill with me and use it as inspiration to find similar high style décor.

I can’t believe I’ve never done this before! I’m no stranger to using Pinterest as inspiration, but there’s something different about having a 143 page, well-curated, beautifully photographed catalog in your hands to use as a reference guide as you pick out furniture and housewares for your home.

Before heading to Goodwill I spent some quality time, coffee in hand, absorbing page after page of Anthropologie goodness. And after making my first pass through, I started back at page 1 and went through again paying close attention to their choices of colors, textures, patterns and fine details.

So, catalog in hand, I went to Goodwill Twinsburg and began my hunt for high-style pieces.

My first incredible discovery was this 3ft. arched gold mirror ($8) similar to the one shown on page 26 ($798) propped up on a buffet. They also used the same mirror later in the catalog propped on a vanity.




Gold was seen in abundance throughout the catalog. Here’s a gallery wall on page 19 made with a mix of their gold framed artwork ($198-$698). I found these 2 large gold frames for just $2 each.




And here’s more gold! This gold mirrored jewelry tray on page 75 is $34. Goodwill had one that was a tad less modern, but would accomplish a similar look, for just $6.




I just loved this flatware photo spread on pages 142 and 143. Anthropologie has over 100 styles of classic and quirky flatware. Goodwill doesn’t have as large of a selection, but you can definitely find a few fun pieces to add to your collection. (Of course, more gold!)




These mugs ($1 each) were a nice find. I noticed they have similar colors and textures as this vignette from page 90.




My favorite find of the day were these black horsehead bookends! Obviously not the same as Anthropologie’s framed artwork, but at just a few dollars each you could always take a picture of them and get them framed (wink!) Or skip the art and make a bold statement on your bookshelf!




I had noticed a lot of black and white striped and dotted patterns throughout the catalog, so I thought it was interesting when this necklace caught my eye. Sometimes inspiration transcends from housewares to fashion accessories.




And I was able to find ALL this in just one hour with two toddlers in tow! Imagine if I had more time!


Shopping with a catalog of inspiration in hand was such a fun and focused way to shop at Goodwill. I think this Anthropologie catalog will be joining me on future thrift shopping trips!

Happy Thrifting,

Katie Plato

Instagram: SomethingToBeFound
Pinterest: Katie28
Twitter: somethingtobfnd