Craft Night Out: Making a Teacup Planter

Hi everyone, Abby here! I hope you’ve been enjoying the lovely weather that has recently arrived in Northeast Ohio.  If you are looking for a way to bring the outdoors in, might I suggest the easiest potting trick ever: the Teacup Succulent?


Succulents make for easy indoor plants, as they require minimal light and water. The key to a good succulent planter is drainage (we’ll use pebbles to accomplish this with our planters).  Another tip, most succulents have very little roots, so teacups make the perfect planter for these little desert dwellers.  And teacups can be found in abundance at your local Goodwill.


And for those of you last minute gift-getters, I’ll be hosting a Craft Night Out with Goodwill Akron at the Lexington-Mansfield Goodwill on May 6th from 6-7:30PM, where we will be making our own Teacup Succulents, which make great Mother’s Day gifts.


However, for those of you that can’t join us, read on for how to make your own Teacup Succulent!


Supplies Needed:

  1. Succulent
  2. Teacup or other small object that can hold a succulent – the Goodwill has unlimited options
  3. Pebbles – decorative or not
  4. Potting Soil
  5. Gardening gloves or newspaper




First, fill your teacup (or other plant holder) a little over half way with pebbles.




Second, wiggle your succulent out of its holder that you bought it in.





Third, place the succulent with any dirt that is attached to its roots into your teacup.





Fourth, fill in around your succulent with extra potting soil.




Fifth, enjoy!


How’s that for easy?


For those of you that prefer a pricklier succulent, use newspaper to wiggle it out of its planter and into its new home.






And since this is such an easy project, why not make a few?




See below for details on the workshop and the link to register. Hope to see you there!


Date: Friday, May 6, 2016

Time: 6P – 7:30P

Location: Lexington/Mansfield Goodwill


Happy (indoor) Gardening!