Creating a New Use for an Old Record Stand


Hi All!

I found this adorable record stand at Goodwill and thought with a little updating it could be turned into a really cute stand. I loved the size, style of it and it was only $2.50! Where, other than Goodwill, can you purchase a piece of furniture that doesn’t cost much more than a candy bar? Love it!




My first step was to remove all the hardware, door, inside divider and what I believe was really old green felt.





I then put primer on everything inside and out. Since I was planning on antiquing and distressing this I just put a thin layer on.




For the top I decided to go with a piece of wainscoting that I had just removed from a piece of furniture I had done over. I thought it would be nice to add some texture to the top. I measured, cut and primed it.




Once the primer dried I drilled holes in each corner attached it with screws to the top (circled in red)




Next I put a thin coat of light cream paint (Valspar, Cream Delight) on the outside. I decided to go with a teal/turquois for the inside to add some color (Sherwin Williams, Turquish). TIP: For the money, Sherwin Williams has a quart size sample (satin sheen only) that goes a long way on furniture. They cost $7 normally, but I’ve gotten them for as low as $3.50 with their coupons.




Since I chose to go with a color inside the cabinet I didn’t want to replace the door with materiel that would block the view. I had bought chicken wire from an estate sale months ago–not that I was looking for it, but I knew one day I would want to use it for something! I cut it to fit and attached it with small screws to the inside of the door.




I then distressed the stand with a hand sander and applied antiquing glaze to everything on the inside and outside. (Minwax Provincial) As always, after drying a day, I coated everything in Polycrylic for extra durability (Minwax, clear satin).





Once everything was dry, I put the cabinet back together.  Another project complete!





Thank you for reading! I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday!




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