DIY: Barn Door Hanging Light

For this month’s project I’m going to show you how to turn a cabinet door into a barn door hanging light with a shelf.

I had purchased this door a while back because I liked the look of the back of it. It is actually a knotty pine cupboard door but I painted it to look weathered gray to resemble an old barn door. My original idea was to use the antique diffuser light (pictured) but it didn’t give out enough light so I had to switch up the plan. So, I ended up going with this cage light instead.

This bracket was left over from a past project. I knew I would eventually need it for something!

“Hummm”, this was my first thought….I didn’t like the bracket hanging out and the bottom looked too empty to me. I did like the cage light though…which led to some rethinking….

I decided to recess the bracket in and add a shelf to the bottom. So I measured everything to center the bracket, shelf and shelf brackets. Then I marked it and cut it out.








After that I painted everything.

I decided to run the light cord behind the board so, using my hole saw drill bit, I drilled a hole in the center. I then cut a piece of wood to fit over the top to cover the area.

Lastly, I put everything together and ta-da! Here is the finished product!








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