DIY Chalkboard Coin Jars

I came across these 4 Osterizer jars while shopping at Goodwill Akron last month. I don’t have an Osterizer (I’m not much of a cook) but I do have a thing for jars, so I bought ‘em.

As usual, I forgot about them and they sat untouched for about a month. In the meantime I bought two of these chalkboard spice jars from Anthropologie. I love them and have been using them to store anything and everything except spice; tiny toy parts, rubber bands, lip gloss, magnets, stamps, and loose change.

You know where this story is going…

I dug out the Osterizer jars and attempted my own DIY version of the Anthropologie Spice jars…except once again I wasn’t planning to fill them with spices.

I went for coin storage instead.

Coin storage with a purpose! One of my New Year’s resolutions is to get my two boys  involved in charity. So, what better way to get started than to have the boys collect spare change in these jars throughout 2013 with the intention of donating it all to charity!

Join us and make your own DIY Chalkboard (Charity) Coin Jar! Goodwill has a lot of jars waiting to be bought, decorated, and filled with your spare change.

Cheers to charity in 2013!