DIY: Chalkboard


I came across this cute little picture I had purchased at Goodwill at least a year ago. I remembered the main reasons I bought it were because the monkey looks so sad and the frame was adorable. It was an easy enough of a project that it wouldn’t take all day and still give me some time away from the constant sound of sports announcers.

First I took the “sad monkey” picture and the glass out. I put all of that to the side so I was just left with an empty frame.

I decided to go with a metallic silver in the mesh area of the frame. I covered all of the frame sections that I didn’t want paint to get on with tape. Once the spray paint was dry, I then dry brushed black over everything to make it look more weathered.

This is the brand I used but there a several different brands to choose from. If you want what you are painting to look like metal make sure the paint is “Metallic,” otherwise, it will just look like gray paint.






Next, I decided to make the glass into a chalkboard. I used to get the canned chalkboard paint but my son purchased me the chalkboard spray paint and I’ve never turned back. It’s awesome to use–no worry about brush marks at all. Always smooth!! Love it!





Once the chalkboard paint was dry (I always do three coats) I put everything back together! And I now have a fancy chalkboard.

Good news is, this project took so little time that I was able to go out shopping for more goodies after I was done!!

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