DIY: Painting Glass Gives Cabinet New Look



Happy fall everyone! My favorite season of the year!

Today’s blog is going to be on a little stand that I found shopping this week. It reminded me of one that my mom had when I was young, so of course I wanted to buy and update.

The first steps, as always, was to sand it and prime it. I decided to forgo the glass doors and make them solid so I put extra primer on the glass. Paint on glass? I know, but, I had painted the glass on a piece I had purchased before and have never had a problem with the paint chipping (see below). So I did the same process with the glass on this piece.


a2           a3


(This is actually a glass curio, the front and both sides are glass. Eight year later and no chipping!)


Next I painted the stand two coats of solid cream/off white. I let the paint dry and then went over it with a 220 grit sandpaper (NOT on the glass section) to smooth it out and also to distress the edges.


a5             a8


On to antiquing. With a soft cloth I rubbed the piece with Minwax stain in Dark Walnut. I waited a couple hours for the stain to dry and then applied a clear top coat in a satin sheen.




The great thing about refurbishing furniture is that it is a simple and cheap way to turn an old piece of furniture into something unique.

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