DIY: TV Stand Transformed Into a Butcher Block Island

I recently came across a butcher block top while out shopping. I had no idea what I would do with it but it was too good of a deal to pass up, so of course, I bought it. When I got home I was looking through my workshop and came across this TV stand that I had purchased at Goodwill a while back. Judging by all the saw/sanding dust on it–it’s been a LONG while ago. But it looked like the perfect match for my butcher block purchase!




So the merging of the two begins! First I had to cut the top of the stand off so I could switch it out with the butcher block.




The back was the usual cardboard backing so I took that off too and replaced it with plywood. And, as usual, I added caster wheels because, well, I just love caster wheels on everything!

I took out the inside shelves and painted, stained and top coated them. I then cut a piece of plywood to fit the back and painted it to match the shelves. Once it was dry I attached it to the back.




Next up–the top. I actually had to have my husband help me lift it up to get it on the top. Note to self: Butcher block is as heavy as the name makes it sound. Once it was on and centered I attached the block to the base with L brackets. And then re-inserted the matching shelves.




I could of just filled these holes with wood filler but I decided that it would look better with some wood strip framing. So I cut 3 inch wood strips to fit and used those to cover the holes from the brackets that are holding the top on. I attached them using a nail gun.




Once all the wood strips were cut and attached I then sanded everything down, painted, stained and top coated it all. I thought I was done but I didn’t like how there was a gap on the seams so I decided to add a couple of pieces of trim down the two sides to cover them.



Much better!

I’m so glad that I still had that piece in my workshop because it ended up being the perfect match for the butcher block! Also, I can now refer back to this blog every time my husband questions me on why I never get rid of anything! It’s a win-win!



Until next month…..




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