DIY: Upcycling a Cooler/Cart with Style

During the summer we tend to have a lot of cookouts at our house so when I saw this cooler/cart I thought it would be perfect for the back patio! The structure of the cart was in perfect condition and I was super excited to not have to do any major updating. Even the caster wheels work!

When I saw the price tag of $25 I had to snag it. The ladies at Goodwill said they had just rolled it out from the back 5 minutes before I got there! Goes to show the more often you stop, the more great stuff you can find.










I wanted to make the cart into something more my style. Nothing against beer logo’s or anything…..

I wanted to lighten up the dark wood so the first thing I did was sand it with a 120 grit sandpaper.













I know, it looks like I’m making it ugly at this stage. Stick with me it will get better…..

Next, paint colors. I wanted the weathered looking white with a fun color added to it. I started by dry brushing it with an off-white paint and then going back over in spots with a turquoise. By dry brushing, I mean that I don’t put a solid layer of paint. It’s more of a thin laying of paint that you can still see some of the wood grain through.


A5               A6


Now it’s time to cover up the huge beer logo sign. I know, I can hear the collective sigh of any man reading this. What I decided to go with was corrugated metal. This material can be found at almost any building supply stores that carry roofing material (Lowes, Home Depot, etc.). I then framed it with perforated galvanized steel duct strap (found in the plumbing section) to cover up any sharp edges (pic 2).



(pic. 2)

(pic. 2)


In my garage I found a metal peace sign that I had purchased at Goodwill for $1 many years ago. I knew one day I would need it for a project……and that day was finally here.




Isn’t it cute–how could I leave that behind for $1!

And here is the final product! I finished it in the morning and we used it the same afternoon!




Thanks for following!

Until next project~





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