DIY: Updated Dresser Set



Happy spring!

My son sent me pictures of this (could be) adorable dresser set he saw at Goodwill. I had just finished redesigning his living room for him and he wanted to get me something as a thank you. Totally unnecessary, but he insisted. What can I say, the kid knows the way to my heart – used furniture. I Loved it! I had it at my house by the next day and started working on it. Literally, the only thing wrong was the color needed updated. It was solid wood (Heavy), in great condition (nothing to fix) and it didn’t even need cleaned up at all! Awesome!

The first thing I did was take off all the hardware and sand it down. I decided to leave the top the natural wood and just make it a darker stain. To do that it requires more sanding time to get it down to the bare wood, but totally worth the outcome. I went with my favorite stain- Min Wax Dark Walnut.

Next, even though I sanded down the sides and drawers, I still put a light coat of primer on. Not always a necessity since I sanded, but since it involves drawers being used allot I thought I would take the extra precaution.

Once that dried I painted everything with a thin coat of off white paint. I then set up the hardware and spray painted it with a Hammered Copper spray paint.




On to the staining. I rubbed on the dark walnut stain (same as the wood top) with a cloth to keep with the Victorian style of the dressers.




Hummm, I liked it but……it just didn’t look like what I had pictured in my head. I wanted more of a contrast in the colors between the wood top and the bottom of the dresser. So, I dry brushed some of the off white base coat over the dark walnut stain and then re-attached all the hardware. Now this is what I had pictured for this set.




Probably not that much of a noticeable difference to most people, but totally worth the extra work time to me.

And here is the finished set.






I’m so happy that I raised another Goodwill shopper because I’m sure this set would have been gone before I had a chance to even see it! A special thanks to my son for always sending pictures while he is shopping of things he thinks I would like!


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