DIY: Wall Decor

Happy New Year to all!!

To start the year off I thought I would do a little revamping of my home decor items in the house. I started with the dining room. While I always loved these burlap chair pictures, I felt their look needed a bit freshened up.


I came across two MATCHING really cool, huge wood frames while at Goodwill. They were originally $15 but I lucked out and and found them when they were on the $1 color day.

So I bought them 2 for $2, and when I got them home I realized that they were actually not the right size and shape for the pictures… Ok, time to rethink.…. After a couple failed ideas I finally came up with a plan.

The first thing I did was paint the frames black and distressed them. I had some flat wood strips left over from a previous project and thought it would look kind of cool to put those as the back to the picture. I cut them to fit the back and then stained them in Dark Walnut Stain. Once they dried I attached them with a staple gun to the back of the frame.


Next I needed to decide how I wanted to cut out the chair. Obviously, as you can see by the picture, leaving the background was not going to fit so I ended up totally cutting out the background and just leaving the chair.


I centered and pasted the cut-out burlap chairs onto the wood… and  for the price of $2 I now have brand new pictures!




Before your next home wall decor purchase, you may want to check out your local Goodwill first! It’s totally worth it – especially if you are on a budget!

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