Fall Clothes For Kids In These 4 Hip Styles

I anticipate Fall all year long! The changing of the leaves, the sunny crisp days, pumpkin spice everything (yes, I’m one of those), and casual/cozy Fall clothing.

Most kids are back at school, except for those few lucky ones who start after Labor Day. Many kids are trying to get a bit more use out of their summer attire for just a few more weeks before going full swing into warmer, lightweight clothing.

I keep trying to suggest my child bring a light jacket “just in case” the weather turns. But that’s what’s both expected and unexpected this time of year — we know hot summer days are coming to an end, yet we’re never quite ready to let them go as the days start to turn cooler!

I love the transitioning to denim jeans, light knit throwovers (or sweaters) and neutral colors; the time of year where layering is our biggest advantage to changing temperatures.

When I browsed around at the Goodwill, I was in total Fall fashion mode — zooming in on grays and navys but still seeking a little pop of color.

There were so many cute pieces for kids, which I pulled from the racks. I narrowed my choices down to these four hip and casual outfits, suited for any day at school or weekend event. Allow me to start with the boys…

When I saw this cool boys tie on display, I had to grab one! Then I found this green and navy oxford button-up that went perfect. I then simply paired the shirt and tie with dark, worn jeans. I chose to keep the shirt untucked — a sure hip look for any school-aged boy!


Next, I felt this “Game On” sweatshirt was a perfect look to embody the generation of today. Casual and cozy and paired with jeans or even camo pants is a perfect way to help your young man feel cool and confident heading out for the day!


I’ve said it before, I love girls in ruffles and sparkles! I put together this neutral girl’s outfit with just the right amount of feminine ruffle and sparkle. For a complete Fall look, place footed knit leggings underneath and throw in a pair of ankle boots and a denim jacket. You can choose leggings in any color that’s in the top — fuschia, periwinkle or white. You can always go with a pair of gray leggings too!


I love this last ensemble for girls. Dark, faded jeans (with just the right amount of tears on the knees), a sparkly graphic tee and a totally hip knitted throwover! I don’t know many 10 year old girls who wouldn’t be thrilled to have this type outfit in their wardrobe!


So, with summer days closing in and Fall days upon us soon, now’s the time to bring your kids into the Goodwill to get prepared.

Kids love to be “in” or hip with their own fashion sense. There’s so many fantastic finds at your local Goodwill stores. Take a day after school or on the weekend to stop in and see the ever-changing stock that’s ever-changing with the seasons…

Happy Shopping!

~ Monica