Where and when can I donate my stuff?

You can donate at any of our 14 retail stores or West Akron as well as Hudson Attended donation centers. Please note our attended donation centers are unable to accept furniture; furniture can be donated at our 14 retail stores.

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Does Goodwill make house calls to pick up donations?

Goodwill's donation pick up service for business and other large donations in Summit, Portage, Medina, Ashland & Richland Counties is currently on hold. When the pick-up service resumes, these are the eligibility guidelines:

Furniture Sets: For example, full dining, living, bedroom or family room pieces such as dining room table, chairs, buffet and cabinet; or a bedroom set with headboard, dressers and nightstand. With a furniture donation, we will also accept household items such as small electronics, shoes, toys, etc.

Business Overstocks or Other Assets: For example, slow movers, returned items, excess inventory, one-of-a-kind items, out-of-season fashions or merchandise, incomplete sets, business equipment.

Please contact Gina Shook to schedule a pickup at 330-786-2576 for more information.

Where and when can I shop at Goodwill?

You can shop at any of our 14 Retail Stores, Outlet, boutique an online options.

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Why should I donate to Goodwill rather than another charity or thrift store?

Goodwill stores are linked to a great cause – about 92% of Goodwill’s revenues go directly into employment and training programs for people with disabilities and disadvantages.

Why do Goodwill’s services vary in different geographic locations?

Each Goodwill organization operates autonomously and strives to identify the specific needs of their local community. Based on the needs of the community, each Goodwill organization designs programs and services that give individuals the skills they need to find work within their communities.

What happens to donated items that aren’t sold at Goodwill stores?

Our goal is to generate money to help fund Goodwill programs from every item that is donated. Items that cannot be sold in stores are reused or recycled in some other way.

Who does Goodwill help?

Goodwill serves individuals who are unemployed, under-employed, downsized, dislocated, have disabilities or are new to the workforce. Goodwill’s mission is to help individuals prepare for, find and retain employment.

What does Goodwill do for the homeless and others in crisis?

It is easy to take for granted a warm coat in the winter, the dishes at a dinner table, and comfy beds to sleep on. Necessities for most would be luxuries to individuals living in poverty or who have experienced a life-changing catastrophe. It is for this reason that the Elizabeth Clark Emergency Fund was established.

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Can I volunteer at Goodwill?

Yes. Please visit the Volunteer section of our website to find out more information about becoming a volunteer.

Who should I contact about store policies and operations?

Goodwill Industries of Akron, Inc. operates 14 retail stores, an Outlet and boutique in five counties in Ohio: Summit, Portage, Medina, Ashland and Richland. If you have a question about policies in one of these stores please contact the corporate office at 330-724-6995.

How do I apply for a job at Goodwill?

Working for Goodwill is a very rewarding experience!

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