Feel fresh in Summer white.

Each summer I have lofty goals of wearing more white. White is by far one of my favorite colors (non-colors). I love it’s simplicity – it’s fresh, clean and cool. Basically it embodies how I want my entire summer to play out. 

Simple, fresh, clean and cool.

Do you struggle with wearing white, and I mean all white? I do. Here’re some challenges with adopting this style approach.

Coffee, office pens, and lunch in general can be challenging.

It shows EVERYTHING. And I’m talking about the areas that live under the clothes. The buns, the thighs and bulges you’d rather not remember that you have. But we do, and that’s OKAY! 

Here’s what’s great about breezy white apparel this summer…

White will lift your complexion all around! A crisp white top will take 10 years off instantly. I promise. It brightens your complexion and gives you a youthful demeanor. Swipe a bit of bronzer on your cheeks and off you scoot.

It’s sophisticated color. I feel the color white runs the line of playful and posh. It’s a refined color that lets people know your easy going, but mean business too. You’re confident enough to wear it with class. To me, that says a lot.

Accessories shine on white. If there is any color you can have total creative freedom with – it’s white. Artful accessories, minimalist, chunky, bold, hats & scarves. Your canvas is endless.

So – how do I work around the issues that white presents.

First, don’t care. You look great and fresh and people will notice YOU before they notice an insecurity.

 Don’t allow a problem area stop you. You’re beautiful no matter what! 

Don’t wear it too tight and there’s nothing to talk about. White in the right fabric can be worn loose and relaxed. Breath.

Have fun with your makeup and accessories to bring it all together. Literally, anything goes. A metallic lip, and statement accessory. Just play. That’s what it’s all about.

Truth be told this is generally a difficult color for me to adopt fully, because I often digress to what I’m comfortable wearing, which is black. Even in the summer. Although…  this is the summer of COLOR and I’m branching out.  I want bright and light. I’m going for the white!

Megan Dyer
The Style Counsel, LLC