Finding Sarah’s Thrifted Style with Dina



I met Sarah a few years ago at the public library where she was teaching a cooking class. She’s an incredibly talented chef and busy mom of three youngsters. Sarah likes the idea of thrift shopping, but isn’t really sure what to look for. Plus shopping with three kids under ten poses a few challenges sometimes.

So we set out to help Sarah find her style at Goodwill together. Her style assessment was pretty simple; she was looking for casual clothes and hoping to learn a few easy styling tips to make the most out of her wardrobe.




The Lakemore location is a gold mine! It’s big, bright, and organized. Within 30 minutes I had a cart full of options for Sarah and I hadn’t even scratched the surface yet.




I made sure to pick out a lot of layering pieces – loose tanks, cardigans and blazers –  because they are comfortable and extremely versatile. I wanted to find items that didn’t require a lot of thought. She can throw these pieces on and easily accessorize with a statement necklace or scarf.




I think my favorite look of the day is the striped dress paired with the velvet blazer and statement necklace. This entire outfit cost $14. A striped dress is a fashion staple because you can wear it at least five different ways. It’s also a thrift store staple! You will always find stripes at Goodwill.




Sarah said something that I hear at practically every style session: I would have never thought to pull that off the rack. She was referring to the neon shirt and high collar purple jacket (which happen to be two of my favorite finds, by the way).




Anytime I hear that line, I consider my mission accomplished! Thrifting sometimes requires a little bit of creativity and because of that my goal with these sessions is to inspire our clients to see the potential in things at Goodwill. It’s easy to get into a style rut, so the next time you’re at the thrift store, go to a section you never visit. For example, if you always wear dark colors, take a stroll over to the bright tops and try a couple on. If you aren’t sure how to style it, do a quick Google or Pinterest search for inspiration.




Sarah’s session was a huge success. She went home with:

2 blazers (one brand new! )
3 cardigans
5 tops
1 dress
1 sweater
2 jackets
1 necklace
1 scarf
1 purse

Total after discounts: $51.60
Happy Thrifting!