Freshen Up Your Kid’s Closet with a Few Fabulous Finds

Once again the holiday season came and went in a flash! Getting back into our daily routine can seem challenging, especially when there’s cold temps and unseasonable rain to weather.

By now, we can all use a little refresher…and sometimes it’s fun when we refresh our wardrobe — especially for the kids.

By this time of year, back to school clothing loses its appeal. Goodwill is the hot spot during cold weather. The aisles are lined with items from leggings to sweaters to long-sleeved tops. There’s even a decent selection of brand new scarves and hats priced for a thrifty budget.

These two outfits are perfect for winter — cozy leggings with soft, cotton long sleeves. I included a picture where you can even style a denim jacket over the long skirted sweatshirt on those warmer (keeping fingers crossed) winter days.







I really liked the next two looks for a cheery pop of color to brighten winter blues.

This comfy purple thermal adorned with fluttering butterflies will make any young girl feel fresh and peppy! Pair it with denim jeans and it’s complete!




A girl can never have too many black leggings! Besides, they’re the best go-to item in a girl’s closet…

How about this pair of Justice brand leggings paired with this simple lime green tee and darling shrug? So cute! This will get a lot of compliments! There was even a mom shopping with two of her daughters the day I was putting these looks together and she commented on how cute it was!





I asked this mom if she’d like her daughters to model some of the things I was pulling from the shelves. Her reply: “I would, but I just picked them up from their grandma’s house and they don’t even have their hair done.” I was amused by her response but I thought, fair enough. 🙂

She continued to tell me that a shopping spree at the Twinsburg Goodwill is a treat for them! How sweet! And let me tell you, these young ladies were getting some real steals — kids clothing at $2.48/per item plus 35% off that day!

Well, getting back to more fun finds…

How about these two looks for boys?




A hip long-sleeved graphic tee layered over a soft t-shirt and a pair of Gap brand jeans is super-hip!

I also loved this black/white/red button-up plaid layered over a gray graphic tee and paired with some perfectly distressed jeans. With the 35% discount on kids clothing that day, this entire outfit came in at just under $5!

So, button-up tight because we still have a few months of winter left, but keep in mind that Goodwill is near to help brighten those mid-winter weather blues. As always, it’s budget friendly, which we all desire after the holiday season!

Keep warm and happy shopping!