Fun with Frames

Picture frames always make for a fun, quick and easy DIY project. Thankfully Goodwill is stocked full of all different types of frames… and even, the artwork to go inside!

I picked up this frame at Goodwill Twinsburg for only $3.



The first idea I had was to frame a few pages from this Sesame Street Book of Numbers that I picked up at the Goodwill of Akron Industries outlet store for maybe 35 cents.



I painted the frame white, and cut out two of my favorite pages to see how they would look.



The first was this page of numbers. Even though it came out of a children’s book, it has a very sophisticated look all on it’s own.



The second page I tried was this picture of two scruffy dogs. These dogs reminded me so much of our old dog, Sam, so I hung them right above his picture.



Another idea is to find fabric at Goodwill that you really like. I happened to fall in love with this skirt, but unfortunately it didn’t fit. Bought it any way for $3.99, cut it up and used it in my picture frame:



The blue background matches my kitchen walls perfectly. I might just need to use the rest of that skirt to make myself a little apron.



So there you have it. $7.34 at Goodwill and you can make yourself a simple, yet unique piece of artwork. And, to boot, you’ll end up with a cute book (minus a few pages) and possibly a skirt with a hole in it J

Happy Thrifting,