Gearing Kids for Cold Weather

During this time of year there’s a lot of anticipation; we know what we’re in for — snow, ice and all the preparation in getting somewhere on time and of course, the excitement of the holidays drawing near! Add to that, the dropping temperatures outside and we find ourselves layering clothes on our children (or at the very least telling them they need a hat, gloves, etc).

I’ve already found myself sifting through my child’s winter clothes and accessories, trying to make sure she has everything she needs for the cold weather that’s forthcoming. There’s nothing worse than trying to locate your child’s hat and gloves as they’re scurrying out the door for school! I’ve also had to gently remind her (several times now) that it’s cold outside and that tank tops won’t keep her warm enough and that leggings are a must under skirts! Sometimes I think she gets the seasons confused as I find her parading around the house in a swimsuit in the middle of January!

There’s still several weeks till the winter holidays, but Jack Frost has already made his appearance.

Gearing kids up for the colder days ahead can be overwhelming. That’s why the Goodwill is a fantastic source for finding what your kids need to stay warm this winter!

Check out these cute and cozy outfits I put together for boys and girls:

First up, Fleece. It’s warm and cozy and keeps us parents happy knowing our kids are sure to stay warm. I found the most comfortable jeans to pair it with and layered a colorful t-shirt underneath. I found a few great looking beanies in the Goodwill’s accessory area as well.  Some were brand new with tags, like this knitted red one.

When I spotted this grey knitted v-neck sweater, I thought it’s a must-have in any young man’s closet. It’s neutral and can be matched with anything from jeans, to khakis to camouflage pants. It can easily be dressed up or down. I chose to dress it up with a checkered oxford underneath then added this awesome plaid wool-blend scarf. It will keep your young boy warm and stylish and looking as cool as the weather outside!

I love this next look for girls…pairing comfortable jeans with a long sleeved cotton top slated with a fun graphic. Then, adding the cutest and most colorful hat and scarf can make any tween looking as cute as the young models in those winter catalog ads. Not to mention, for several dollars less!

Girls will be girls and many of them love their skirts. What’s more perfect than a cute corduroy skirt in deep purple? Not much more this time of year! I paired this darling find with a glittery, graphic tee and knitted bolero and picked a cute knitted hat for an accessory. You can add leggings or knitted stockings and a pair of fashion boots to complete this look entirely.

The prices at the Goodwill are always low, no matter what the season. So don’t let the sight of Jack Frost scare you from venturing in to find all the winter accessories your kids may need from hats and scarves, to gloves and so much more!

Happy shopping!

~Monica Z.