Goodwill Holiday Gift Guide

What to Buy for all the People in Your Life

This blog is inspired by a recent visit to the Brunswick, Ohio Goodwill location where I scoured the shelves and racks for gifts you can easily purchase at a fraction of the price for those on your Holiday list.

The trick here is to find items that have their original tags and packaging. This way, you can simply take off the discounted Goodwill tag and leave the original tag. This is a great gift-giving secret of mine and when I find unopened goods in their original packaging, I even grab that gift and add it to our “gift department” at home.

It’s a common misconception that ALL items at second-hand stores are in fact, “used”. However, you’ll be pleased to know many donations brought into Goodwill are items that have never been “used” and were donated simply because the piece did not fit either their wardrobe, or home decor, or they simply do not have use for the item.

Here are the latest “New With Tags” items to look for when you shop at Goodwill Akron locations:

1. Fun Gifts | Great for White Elephant Exchange


If you’re anything like me, you have that person in your life that is hard to buy for. Whether it be a spouse, brother-in-law, or someone unknown at a white elephant gift exchange party. My advice is to go for random and funny…with tags!
I found this GEM of an unopened potato clock that is a conversation starter if I ever saw one and can be enjoyed by the recipient right away at the gathering if wanted. I think my brother-in-law Travis is going to love this and the next thing out of his mouth will be “Who has a potato?”


2. Coffee Mug Gifts | Great for Clients & Coworkers


One of my personal favorite gifts to give all year round is plants. Picture this: You gift someone a cute coffee mug with a vibrant, green plant peeking out of it. Not only do they get a stylish mug for their favorite brew, but they also get a living, breathing companion that’ll brighten up their space. It’s a blend of practicality and natural beauty, all wrapped up in one thoughtful package.

Plus, plants are known to boost mood and productivity, so you’re basically giving the gift of good vibes! Who wouldn’t love that? It’s the kind of present that keeps on giving, and it’s perfect for any occasion. Whether it’s a birthday, a thank-you gesture, or just a random act of kindness, a plant in a coffee mug is a unique and delightful choice. 🌱


3. New with Tags Purses & Accessories | Great for Ladies


When it comes to purses, the joy of finding one with the tags still attached is like discovering a fashion treasure trove. It’s not just a bag; it’s a statement piece waiting to be gifted.
Hunting for items like new-with-tags purses, wallets, leggings, scarves, and jewelry can be a thrilling adventure. Imagine stumbling upon a hidden gem that’s not only stylish but also comes with that brand-new allure for that someone you’re buying for.

So, armed with your passion for these accessories, each hunt becomes a delightful journey. And when you gift these items, you’re not just sharing fashion; you’re spreading joy and adding a touch of style to someone’s life.


4. Room Decor | Great for Kids


As kids, we don’t always get too much say in what is in our rooms, so why not give the kids in your life something they can use to brighten up their space? I have the pleasure of having a delightful niece who loves mermaids and princesses and these curtains will be treasured by her.
These curtains can do more than just add a splash of color; they can create a whimsical atmosphere that sparks imagination and creativity. Picture her drifting off to sleep surrounded by the enchanting allure of mermaids. It’s not just about covering the windows; it’s about creating a space where every glance brings a sense of wonder and joy.


5. Pictures and Decor | Great for Homeowners


When in doubt, a lovely picture or piece of art will do the trick! You will be amazed by the artwork section of Goodwill Akron locations. They are bountiful and you will no doubt find something unique.

There’s an undeniable joy in discovering that perfect piece that resonates with your loved one’s aesthetic. Personally, I share a deep affinity for acquiring artwork through second-hand avenues, as it not only adds character to spaces but also embodies the spirit of sustainability and appreciation for the beauty of pre-loved creations. BONUS: Artwork is one of those gifts that you can give without the original tag. People will treasure the fact that you thought of them while spotting a picture and they will forgive whether it was purchased new or passed down generations.

Now sit back, relax, and enjoy giving!