Goodwill’s Vintage Clothing Collection

Did you know that Goodwill Industries of Akron (GIA) is home to a vintage clothing collection made up of more than 750 garments ranging from the 1860s–1980s?

The Vintage Clothing Collection, which is facilitated by the Marketing and Development Department, has been a part of Goodwill’s past for many decades.  To our knowledge, Goodwill Industries of Akron is the only Goodwill in the country to have a collection like this.

There is a dedicated space at our main offices that houses the vintage collection.  It is a popular stop on the guided tours of the Goodwill facility, and one of the special features is the set of mannequins that showcase spectacular pieces.  In honor of the season, two very sparkly gowns from the 1980s are displayed this month.

While the Vintage Collection does not loan clothing to individuals, community groups and organizations utilize the collection by hosting fashion shows for fundraising, informational or display purposes. As Vintage Collection Associate, my main jobs are to catalog donations and work with groups who use the collection.  Future blogs will share information and pictures highlighting some of the special items Goodwill is fortunate enough to have in this wonderful group of garments.

All of the vintage pieces in the collection have been donated through the retail stores or through direct donations over the years and are NOT for sale. The collection is home to unique items such as dresses, furs, hats, shoes, gloves, handbags, swimsuits and wedding gowns.  Each organization who utilizes the vintage collection is asked to make a monetary contribution to help manage the upkeep and care of the collection. In addition, Goodwill provides the organization with descriptions of the pieces, including the date or period that the items are from.

For more information about renting or donating items to the vintage collection, please contact:

Tracy Keenan, Development and Events Manager
Goodwill Industries of Akron
570 E. Waterloo Road
Akron, OH 44319

Ph 330-786-2573

I look forward to sharing some items from the 1920s with you in my next blog.

Laura Miller