Halfway to Halloween!

Halfway to Halloween! 

Even though everyone is happy that Spring is finally here, there is another reason to get excited! On May 1, we will be celebrating Halfoween! What’s that you ask?! It’s halfway to Halloween– six months after last year’s Halloween and six months before this year’s. To help you get in the holiday spirit and celebrate the warmer weather, here are a few of our favorite ideas from Mr. and Mrs. Halloween.

1. Crank Those Halloween Tunes

When you are out doing yardwork or doing a little spring cleaning around the house, Halfoween is the perfect time to dig up those records or click on that seasonal playlist. Nothing gets you in the spirit quite like rocking out to the “Monster Mash” or “Werewolves of London”.
For a 170 song Halloween playlist you can enjoy anytime of year, follow Mr. and Mrs. Halloween’s Ultimate Halloween playlist on Spotify.

2. Have a Scary Movie Marathon

Halfoween is the perfect opportunity to set aside a block to time to catch up on the latest genre offerings or marathon some of your favorite frightening classics.

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For even more grisly entertainment recommendations, check out our movie page.

3. Visit a Haunted Landmark or Catch a Paranormal Tour

With warmer on the way, what better time to take a weekend trip to a supposedly haunted site, and see what paranormal energies you can discover?. Most cities have historic tours of old, creepy buildings, and many tour guides are more than happy to share the unsettling experiences they’ve had over the years.

4. Get Your Garden in Gear

Speaking of yardwork, if you want to have full, ripe Jack O’ Lanterns by October, now is the best time to start prepping your pumpkin patch. Pick a sunny spot in your yard, take a trip to your local nursery for some seeds, and bust out the gardening tools. The best time to plant the low humidity and warm weather-loving pumpkin seed is in late May or early June. If you want to grow something really special though, get a head start now by beginning your pumpkin planting indoors.

While Halloween 2018 is still months away, Halfoween is here! Now is the time to capture the spirit, celebrate the spookiness and start planning for the main event later this year!