Halloween Costume Ideas

When sticking to a budget, costumes for Halloween are definitely more of a want than a need.  However, it’s fun and the kiddos love to dress up. If you have not shopped Goodwill for your Halloween needs, then you’re missing out.  Find prepared costumes at a fraction of the cost or have fun in creating your own!  I’d love to see any costume ideas you’ve pieced together. 

Please check out these Halloween costume idea links: 

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Goodwill has a large selection of prepared and gently used costumes!

Goodwill Halloween Costume Ideas


Create your own standard costume




Goodwill Halloween Costume Ideas


Find unique period pieces.


Goodwill Halloween Costume Ideas


Love the bride or zombie bride idea! 


Goodwill Halloween Costume Ideas


Piece together current pop culture costumes



 For more ideas download our Halloween look book: