How I’m Prepping for National Thrift Shop Day

Hello friends!

Today I want to cover National Thrift Shop Day! August 17th is the day and for my fellow secondhand shoppers- this holiday is way better than black Friday.

Here are 3 ways I am preparing for the big day of thrifting!

  1. Picking my thrift store route and reserving a baby sitter 

I like to have a game plan- I’m a planner, whether it’s vacation, or just planning my grocery store route- I like to anticipate and plan the most fuel-efficient route just about anywhere and the thrift store is no exception!

Also, while Abner is my thrifting buddy typically, a day of thrift store hopping is not an ideal thing for an almost 2 year old. So I’m planning ahead and scheduling a couple hours of babysitting for the big day!

  1. Following my favorite shops on social media and getting on their email list

The best way to be in-the-know about upcoming and sometimes secret sales is to get on the list! Especially for a “holiday” like this- you want to know how to plan your route and getting the inside scoop on where the best sales will be is a great start. You can follow Goodwill Akron on instagram and facebook as well as join their email list.

  1. Wardrobe evaluation and purge session

Since National Thrift Shop Day is in mid-August, you’ve had half the summer to figure out what you do and don’t wear in the hot months of the year, so it’s a good idea to evaluate your spring and summer wardrobe and maybe do a little purging and/or make a list of things that need replacing or trends you’d like to try if you can thrift them.

It’s also a good time to look ahead to fall and be on the lookout for items that may be missing from your autumn wardrobe. Some stores may be starting to put out the fall items by this time which will give you a fabulous head start!

Things I’ve been on the lookout for lately:

  • all things LINEN.
  • flowy dresses that I can wear pregnant and NOT.
  • plain white dessert plates.

Here’s a look at my last haul from the Medina Goodwill which cost me just under $40.

A little bit of summer and a little bit of fall…

A great linen dress, some lounging around maternity leggings, and a fresh work t-shirt for Jake…

I found three dessert plates, a fun horse figurine for decorating my mantle, and Abner came home with a new Dyson.


Happy thrifting!

XOXO ~ Taylor