How to Save Money on Dry Cleaning


Hi friends, Modest Blondie, here!

Do you ever check the tag while you’re thrift shopping and see DRY CLEAN ONLY. Does this stop you from buying that piece? I get it- dry cleaning is not cheap, plus it’s time consuming!

So today I want to share 3 products that I use to save money on dry cleaning AT HOME. You can find all of these at places like Wal-Mart, Target, and Amazon!

The first 2 are very similar and they are essentially “at-home dry cleaning”. Both Dryeland Woolite both have a system and I don’t really prefer one over the other, I just buy whichever one is on sale. Sometimes you can get cash back through ibotta on these products as well.

Dryel comes with a steam bag in the starter kit, where you can place 4-5 pieces inside. It also comes with a stain treatment pen (kind of like a tide-pen) and an odor/wrinkle release spray, both are pre-treatments. The magic happens when you put the garments in the bag and add a dryer activated cleaning cloth. After putting this whole bag in the dryer for 15-30 minutes on medium heat, you have fresh dry-cleaned garments for a fraction of the cost and time of going to the physical dry cleaners! Woolite works much the same, minus the garment bag, so you can just throw everything in the dryer with out a bag.

The other cool thing about Dryel and Woolite at-home dry cleaning systems is that you can use them on your other normal clothing like denim and cotton sweaters to preserve the color! There is no fading with these systems, so it’s not as harsh as washing your favorite jeans every wear. This gets you more life out of your favorite pieces!

The third product I like to use, especially if I score an awesome piece at the thrift store and I’m afraid to wash it or dry-clean it….Downy wrinkle release spray! This spray works wonders on wrinkles over night, helps eliminate odor, and keeps your clothes fresh! I like to spray this on wool pieces and then use a hand held steamer to disinfect them. It’s a great low cost product to have on hand especially if you are a Goodwill frequenter. It’s also one of my travel essentials! I definitely recommend this product in the winter time to extend the wears before washing of your sweaters and cardigans.

I hope this has helped get rid of your fear of buying dry-clean-only pieces at Goodwill- now there is a cost-friendly solution for dry cleaning!

PS- if a piece is 100% polyester and says DRY CLEAN ONLY, just wash it on cold and hang dry… that stuff is invincible 😉

XOXO – Taylor