How to Transition Your Wardrobe Out of Summer

And here we are, smack dab in the middle of one (hot) summer and all I can think about is ‘how will I prepare for the (dreaded) cooler days inevitably ahead?” It’s more than just a sweater or jacket to add to your existing warmer-weather look. As we move closer to back-to-school and out of the dog days, there are some helpful tips I’ve researched to keep in mind! Below are pieces to be on the lookout for (whenever) you decide to move from sun-kissed to Fall-ready in some serious style.


“She had them apple-bottom jeans…boots with the FUR” hee hee I couldn’t help myself! Okay for real though, faux fur, animal print and animal–accented pieces are all fantastic ways to look on-point and a little ahead of the trend as we close out Summer. Adding a leopard-print accessory to an outfit looks strikingly fresh because we have been similar to animals wanting to shed their skin during the warm months and now we can embrace that warm fur. A few other ways to add a bit of fur to your Fall wardrobe include: a faux fur vest, a moto-jacket with a fur-lined hood, an animal-print heel. Just have fun with this one and add that fur back into your wardrobe in subtle, small ways.

Rain Coats

Unfortunately in most areas, rain is still a very big threat that comes in from time to time. If you’ve been putting off getting a classic rain coat…don’t anymore! You’ll be SO happy you made the jump and committed to a versatile weather-smart jacket you can wear when it gets a little chilly and possibly wet. The trick with rain coats is to get one great one that goes with a ton in your closet so that way you can wear it with almost anything. Here are raincoat styles I suggest to be on the lookout for: a classic yellow, a neutral colored one, or a trendy clear-coat! Have fun, but be mindful when picking out a jacket because you’ll want it to go with many things in your closet! (ALSO: Make sure your new raincoat has a HOOD 🙂


Plaid, of course comes to mind when the Fall season approaches! It’s hard not to think of your best pair of knee-high boots along with your plaid shirt jetting off to corn mazes and such. Be ahead of the trend by sporting some plaid sooner rather than later! Check out these cuties I spotted while putting my new curated rack together at blue / A GOODWILL BOUTIQUE/. The first plaid shirt has some great ruffle detail and the second pictured has an UNBELIEVABLE back with such fun lace detail. Either of these as we close out summer and you’ll look fresh and ahead of the trend.


Honey honey honey…denim is truly a great go-to and this Fall Season is no exception. We’re coming out of a Spring trend of head-to-toe denim and the focus is still on the blues. I suggest to add denim in fun and interesting ways, like a vest or great jacket that can be paired with so much. Along my quest to support this, this FAB denim jacket was a great find at blue / A GOODWILL BOUTIQUE / ! It even has a touch of fur, which as I mentioned is a stylish way to transition out of Summer.


Booties are truly so great almost ALL year except right in the middle of Summer when the heat is so fierce that your feet will be a sweaty mess in them…because who wants to wear socks in the Summer?!? Okay, so reintroduce yourself to some great booties slowwwwly. I say slowly because you also still want to expose your feet while there is still sun in your life. The solution? Booties with creative cutouts. Creative cutouts come in many ways: peep toe, panels in tie-backs like these that I also spotted at blue / A GOODWILL BOUTIQUE /. These are super (fresh) for a few reasons. The toes are open and they have a fabulous lace-up at the ankle. SO sweet!


Don’t fret! You don’t have to give up all of your Summer clothes! You can simply just start to add some pieces that are ready for the next season to your already existing style. Let me know if I can help– would love to help elevate your ever-evolving look!