Into the Green with Great Finds at Goodwill

Hi Everyone!

Fashion1I just want to jump right in and say my last Goodwill trip to the store in Cuyahoga Falls on State Road was ground breaking. I immediately went into the house wears section (because my kids always make a mad dash to the toys, right next to house wears) and found a vintage Vanity Fair English Gentleman print from 1898. I picked it up and thought “Is this really happening?” I looked left and I looked right… just to make sure. Wow! I couldn’t believe it! I love the saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” I think that saying totally applied to this find.  I will covet this picture until the end of time.

This trip was particularly interesting because everything I was finding wFashion2as green. Here is a
tally of a few items I picked up and their prices.

– Vanity Fair Framed Art $5….yes $5!
– O’Neil Cut-Out Dress $3.99
– Vintage Wool (made in NY) Hat (love, love, love…love) $1.00
– Strapless One Piece $3.99
– Target Solid Green Jumper $3.99
– Embroider Print Pant (made in India!) $3.50

Fashion4When I got to the checkout I wasn’t shy about hiding my enthusiasm about my finds to, Judy, a Goodwill employee. She probably thought I was a little nuts, but nonetheless she was really sweet and let me snap a picture. Thanks for helping me, Judy!

I also wanted to add, that this past Thursday I attended the Greater Akron Innovation Network for Sustainability (GAINS- for short). The guest speaker that I went to see was Nan McClenaghan, President & CEO at the Goodwill Industries of Akron, Ohio, Inc.  It was inspiring and fun to learn even more about Goodwill Industries. It was a good reminder that it is important to donate items instead of thrFashion5owing them away! The next time you are cleaning house,
go the extra step and take your items to your local Goodwill!

If you are interested in attending a GAINS meeting you can get more info here-

Thanks for reading my monthly post! Enjoy the pictures.

Wishing you a happy August!

LFashion3auren Ward