Keeping Kids Fall Fashion Simple With Options


As parents or guardians, we are all up against the inevitable pace in which our kids are growing. Which means they are growing out of clothes in a blink of an eye.

My daughter’s closet should be a permanent revolving door for all the things I regularly donate to the new things I bring in.

A while back, I tried to think of a way to keep her closet stocked with a few key items which she can wear this fall & into the winter season. I devised a list of just a few basic options to keep her fall wardrobe complete:

  1. Denim jacket
  2. Jeans – about 2 to 3 pair
  3. Leggings – about 3 to 4 pair
  4. Printed Clothing Items – 2 to 3 pieces to add a bit of flair to any basic look. This could be a skirt, shirt, pants, etc.

Allow me to preface these images…recently, my daughter attended one of the Akron Goodwill’s Halloween Events and had her face painted. Afterwards, I had her model some of my fall wardrobe finds, hence, the princess face paint! 🙂




Above are three different fall styles I put together by using items from the Waterloo Road location.

  1. A denim jacket over a basic, long ruffled navy shirt and cute, colorful plaid leggings.

Really any basic tee-shirt in any solid color would coordinate great with these leggings and jacket. It’s even fun to allow your little ones to shop along with you and choose what they find appealing and fabulous!

  1. A long-sleeved cotton shirt in hot pink, coordinated with a cute and classic herringbone patterned mini skirt and tights.

Although patterns such as herringbone, plaid or checkered can be regarded as “trendy,” I like to refer to them as “classic” because you can never go wrong with them. They always bring a bit of fun and flair to any basic top or bottom.

You can even add the denim jacket over the pink shirt to add an extra layer and have a more casual look.

  1. A loose-fitted, ruffled checkered shirt with stretchy skinny jeans.

Again, you can always add the denim over the shirt and have the outfit still be well-suited for fall.

These examples are just a few great ways of keeping your kid’s wardrobe simple, yet up to date with popular fall fashion looks!



No one likes the feeling of a stiff new pair of jeans or a bulky jacket.

Imagine yourself, or your kids, being covered by a warm, fuzzy blanket on a cool, crisp day. That comfy-cozy feeling can easily be found while shopping at Goodwill. Most donated items have been previously worn, so there’s comfort in practically every item you’ll find.

A few essential comfy pieces for boys are cotton or fleece pullovers and loose fitting pants. Also, lots of basic tees. Kids could never have enough tees to wear underneath jackets or sweaters for that layering effect.

I pulled two of the most popular style pants right now for boys – camouflage & denim – and interchanged them for several different looks.




  1. Camouflage

Camouflage pants coordinate with practically anything! Pullovers, sweaters, t-shirts…anything. Luckily for you, they are not hard to come by at Goodwill.

I also pulled two different styles of pullovers to go with the camo look. The orange cotton shirt is a bit casual, while the knitted sweater takes it up a notch. And notice the fun pop of yellow under the sweater…

  1. Jeans

There’s never a shortage of jeans to pull from as well.

We all know most anything goes well with jeans…but this time of year, the best are the worn, loose-fitting jean that can be worn comfortably to school,  on the playground, or for a jump into a pile of leaves! Here, I styled the jeans with both the orange pullover and the knitted sweater; both equally comfortable and stylish!

For those of us living in NE Ohio, keeping items basic and interchangeable for the short fall season helps us avoid buying too many things that our kids will only grow out of quickly and it helps keep spending to a minimum.

That ever-revolving door does not slow down for a while…so remember, keep it basic…keep it comfortable…and keep it thrifty!