Make a Color Splash this Summer with these Kids’ Clothing Ideas

The temperatures are rising & the layers are coming off! Time to shop your local Goodwill for cool summer finds for your young ones!


One of the things I noticed about moving back to northeast Ohio is once the temps rise above 50 degrees, people are breaking out their shorts, tees & toeless shoes (although it takes temps to rise much higher for me;).


Nevertheless, kids are eager to get into full summer gear and hit the pavement!


School is winding down & our kids will be full-time playground goers in just a few weeks, which means time for light, comfortable clothes.


Your local Goodwill stores has racks of colorful clothing for your youngsters to feel the fun and freedom that summer clothes bring!


Boys’ tee-shirts are available in many colors. There’s so many tees adorning different graphics from sports teams to super-heroes, and to popular name brand stores such as this bright orange tee below from American Eagle. I found the perfect black and grey plaid shirts with a hint of orange to bring the outfit together well.


I’ve mentioned in the past that all kids’ tees and shorts are only $2.48 a piece. I even came across this summery orange floral jumper for girls priced at $2.48 as well.




And there are bins upon bins of brand new comfy and stylish flip flops, ranging in price from 0.99 cents to $3.99 each. What. A. Bargain!




There’s no shortage of colorful finds in the aisles of your local Goodwill stores. From summer tops to shorts, you can coordinate cute outfits that will make your kids jump for joy!


I was excited to come across this bright neon green tee for boys. There’s just something about neon that makes me think, summer is here (well, almost…we’re just getting an early start;)! The colorful plaid shorts which I paired it with can really go well with any color, from neon shades to bold primary colors or even pastel shades of yellow or blue.




I adore the colorful plaid shorts that I came across for girls. Just the style alone — perfectly tapered — is so sweet and girly. There were several tanks and tees to choose from that would’ve paired nicely with the shorts. I went for a basic hot pink tee. There’s nothing a pink tee shirt doesn’t go well with in a little girl’s wardrobe, right?!


Now, we all know about those cool summer nights we’ve been experiencing here in northeast Ohio the last several years. All I know is, when I moved back here 6 years ago after being on the west coast for 13 years, the summer nights were much cooler than I remembered as a kid. What’s been going on with that? Believe it or not, that was my favorite part about summer. Not the sunshine, not the swimming, not even the weekly trip to the ice cream stand, but the warm summer nights. Stepping out from an air-conditioned house or building into the feeling of warm heat hitting my skin, with the sun tucked away and the moon shining bright, is what I longed for as a kid. And still do.


I found another great colorful find for girls with this long-sleeve striped shirt with bold floral appliqué. I then paired it with some sassy Osh Kosh brand shorts. This duo will make your little girl feel more comfortable on any cooler night. Not to mention, arms protected from those pesky mosquitos!




Gearing-up for summer can be fun and exciting when stopping into your local Goodwill! Keep in mind, kids love color and comfort and there’s so many coordinates to choose from.


So get out there, bring your kids along and make a trip to the Goodwill for many great and super-affordable summer finds!


Keep it cool. Keep it colorful. And keep it thrifty!