Meet Lauren-Style Blogger

Greetings Everyone!

Lauren Ward here- owner of Noto Boutique in downtown Akron, mother of two, master multi-tasker (or so I like to think), closet blog addict, and now Goodwill blog contributor!

When Goodwill asked me to be a part of the blog, I was thrilled, honored, and slightly freaked out. Thrilled to start a new venture, honored because of my history with Goodwill and everything it stands for, and freaked out because I knew my closet contents was going to expand considerably over the next few months (kidding. . . ).

I first started dabbling in “thrifting” when I was in middle school. My older sister was totally into old man sweaters; therefore, I was into old man sweaters. Sounds funny, right? Not just any old man sweaters, they had to be the perfectly worn, slightly oversized, a little on the fitted side, and preferably v-neck. I know, I know, this sounds like a lot of stipulations, but really, stepping into Goodwill was a thrill of the hunt! The uncertainty of what you were going to find! That tingle of excitement is something I still get it today!

I love going on an innocent trip to Goodwill to find a picture frame and coming out with a pair of shoes, two blouses, and a mug?! And, my friends, I am sure most of you can agree, when I say that, that is the beauty of the Goodwill. What you may not know is when you contribute to your local Goodwill store, whether by donation or a shopping trip, you are actually doing your community a service.  My daughter asked me while shopping the other day, “Mom, are deez udder peoples clothes?”. And I said, “yes!”. I got to explain the process and why it is so important. I always thought Goodwill was just a resale store, but it is so much more than that! Goodwill actually provides local employment through donations. So throughout this blog I will be exploring current trends and applying them to real life, but also showing you how shopping at Goodwill can affect your community! I look forward to our blogging adventure!

Lauren Ward