My Curated FASHION RACK at blue.

My experience shopping and blogging for Goodwill’s blue Boutique over the past couple years has taught me three important things:

1. Great style and fashion can be thrifted. I spent $278 (I checked my bank account) last year on clothes at blue. I have an abundance, it’s quality, and I wear it ALL!! I never feel I compromise on Style. In fact, I feel more fulfilled getting my shopping and fashion fix because I know I took the time to make it my look, and my style.

2. You make your own rules. Thrifting, in my opinion, gives you permission to step outside your own box. You have to think, pair and partner pieces, and set aside notions of how style “should” be. It’s all up to you!! And, the amount of money you save is a total winner in my book. Doubly added bonus is it’s a sustainable fashion practice.

3. The mission and services that Goodwill provides is beyond what I ever imagined. Their outreach and employment programs cultivate experiences for individuals to LEARN and thrive in the community. It’s not a band aid. It’s a new way of living and learning for people that have been compromised by life circumstances. How Goodwill funds these abundant programs is by selling the items you donate. Their retail stores are a small portion of what they provide their communities.

Now that I have learned and experienced all this, I was graciously provided the opportunity to develop my own curated rack of Fashion at the blue Boutique located at 222 Main Street, downtown Akron – (ta-da!!) Little things excite me and I’m taking my fashion rack very seriously!!

I have a little knack for putting style together, and a knack became an obsession, and this obsession tuned into an opportunity! I have been thrifting since I was in high school and the process came very easy to me. I was on a treasure hunt!

Now I’m hunting Fashion for YOU! I graciously invite you to visit the blue Boutique and see all the amazing, extremely well organized fashion that it offers. You can shop The Style Counsel rack where I’ve hand selected items that are forward thinking classics with a artistic twist! These items are just waiting for you to work it!

Megan Dyer
The Style Counsel, LLC