My Style Star. Who’s yours?

This may be a practice that not everyone follows, but it inspires me to evolve my fashion and keeps my ear to the ground. When I spot someone, whether in the media, in public, or one of my peers, and their style in kickin’, I have NO resistance to let that person know I admire their style. I praise their individuality, find out where they got their pieces, and jot a note for myself in the ol’ brain. Not because I necessarily want to duplicate their style, but because I’m filing away all that style goodness. It may someday filter into my own style, but more importantly, I want to share their knowledge with others.

Here’s the thing I’ve come to realize. Not EVERYONE gets so excited they could jump over the moon when they talk about style like I do! But, I don’t take myself too seriously, what’s the fun in that. Fashion is supposed to be exciting, free, and educating at the same time. This is one practice I use to educate myself. I choose a Style Star!

Identifying a person, place or thing to influence how you dress can be a very creative and uplifting process. It provides you with guidelines to choose what to wear and how to wear it. They, or it, become your muse.

My current Style Star (I’ll choose one so I don’t overwhelm you) is Alexa Chung. I’m not sure if I’m more drawn to her personality or her style.. I think it’s her personality that makes her style so attractive to me. She has fun with fashion, she wears vintage, and she remains youthful, humble, and vulnerable in her outlook on style. This is an approach to style I strive for.

So, small experiment. I chose a carefree look and that I admired of Alexa’s. One I thought was really attainable that I could put my own spin on. It’s funny when you see something you want and don’t jump on it too fast – it just appears, just like this corduroy blazer for $15 did for me at the Blue Boutique!

Create your own Style Star challenge. Maybe it’s not even a person! Maybe it’s a culture, or time in history you admire that you would like to emulate. You can make a pinboard of your Style Star, and start following Instagram accounts that represent the look you desiring. Or, my favorite pastime…rip pages out of magazines and keep those pages! It’s so fun, really!

Put it out there and it’s funny how these looks and styles will begin to magically appear. Whether you’re at Target, Bloomingdales, or Blue, you will begin seeing them and then you’re well on your way to wearing a new look!

Megan Dyer
The Style Counsel, LLC