New Year – New Styles for Men & Women

I’ve been writing about kids’ fashion for the last two years and I’ve had a lot of fun doing so. I knew exactly where to go each time I visited the Goodwill location; which aisles to walk down and most of the time, which topic I wanted to discuss. So, when I was presented with the idea of changing my focus to adults and stepping away from what I was used to, I decided to leap towards this new opportunity.

So, it brings me to here – kicking off the new year with a new focus and new ideas!

I first needed to find inspiration. When I walked into the Goodwill this month, I walked in not knowing where to search first. So I started browsing until something caught my eye. That something was the elegantly classic argyle pattern.

I was totally drawn to this rust-colored mens sweater with neutral argyles. The half zip makes it less preppy and more classic. I found a nice button-up with a light shade of neutral stripes to layer underneath and a really cool pair of dark faded denim jeans to match it together. Whenever you pair jeans with a sweater or shirt it can take the look from too dressy to just enough by keeping the ensemble polished and neat. This handsome outfit can be worn from the office to a dinner meeting or even a date night.

Don’t forget to stop by the shoe aisle to scope out any possible good finds! I happened to come across the perfect pair of wing-tipped shoes to complete this entire outfit. Love it!

I decided to stick to the argyle theme and search for a ladies sweater of the same design. I didn’t have to look too hard before coming across this beautifully knitted ladies zip-up. With this particular ensemble, I decided to go with a dressier pant rather than jeans.  This look can definitely be classified as business-casual. If you’re looking to go from work to play in this sweater, you can simply toss the pants and pair it with a pair of skinny jeans in a medium to dark shade and wrap the scarf around as an infinity scarf rather than a knot.  Also, lose the heels and wear a pair of fitted boots or booties. Who ever thought argyle could be so versatile?!

Breaking through the idea of staying with what we’re comfortable with and accepting and facing new challenges is a great way to start off any new year.

Stop into your local Goodwill location and explore new looks and get ideas by browsing through the aisles. The styles you can put together are limitless!

By accepting my supervisor’s idea of switching my focus, I challenged myself by stepping away from what I was used to and allowed myself to try new things. I’m happy I did and I hope you are too!

Happy shopping!

~Monica Z.