Out with the New, in with the Old



Ten years ago, newly married and before I had any type of decorating style and preferences, my husband and I purchased a traditional matching bedroom set that came with one headboard, two side tables, and two dressers. No thought went into it, it was just one of those purchases we thought we needed to make as a newly married couple.

Ten years later, still married and now with a clear sense of my decorating style, I’m replacing all that boring brand new furniture, with some amazing second-hand, mid-century modern pieces that are a much better match for my thrifty style.

I was inspired by dressers like these that I had seen on Pinterest, so I kept my eye out for something similar in shape.



Sources: Team Sutton Designs // Etsy // The Weatherd Door



I was able to thrift this similar one for just $50.




Like the dressers from Pinterest, I painted the entire frame white to brighten up the piece.




I added a few of my favorite thrifted and DIY projects (mini vase, photo frame) alongside this amazing Target mirror that I just found on clearance the other day. It’s from the same Target collection that inspired THIS Goodwill DIY project.




Next on my list is a thrifted headboard. Stay tuned….


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