Painted Jeans: No Rules – Just Amazing Style

Photo of jeans before painted and after.

Hello everyone! Well….let’s call a spade a spade – what a trying few weeks we’ve experienced and I can’t imagine all the obstacles you have been challenged with. It has been a time to reset, reground and reevaluate how we’re living and taking care of our bodies and each other. I hope, in-hindsight, you have experienced refreshing moments and new connections to your family, home, and your passions.

Something I have taken away from this time is giving myself permission to explore. So often I get caught in my own world, the daily tasks, and routines. I don’t step outside of my comfort zone to engage with new opportunities, friendships or creative outlets. I heard an amazing quote the other day on a Dax Shepard’s podcast, Armchair Expert. He said – “I don’t want to live my life being the same person.” This quote quickly summed it up for me. We all grow through ages and stages in our lives… new careers, marriage, motherhood…but are we staying the same person through all these stages, or do we embrace change – do we embrace true transformation?

You thought you were going to read about jeans here, I’m sure. This is the inspiration for our style today with painted jeans. Are you willing to truly explore something outside of the box and drawing outside of the lines? And, as messy as it may be, are you willing to explore a very creative look. 

This is the easiest at-home style project ever!!!

Research a few looks to inspire your design. Check out ideas here on Pinterest.

Here’s what you’ll need. 

A pair of old jeans.

Acrylic paint. Acrylic works great, but you can also use fabric paint. Whatever you have lying around. If you’d like specific color here’s a kit: Acrylic paint on Amazon.

Paintbrushes. You can precisely paint your jeans with a design, splatter paint them, finger paint – or do all 3! There are no rules.

Lay your jeans on a surface that you that won’t mind getting messy. I’m choosing the great outdoors.

Using your paints and your chosen tools – begin your design process. : ) 

Give your pants some time to dry, preferably a full day – and viola! Your new Creative Quarantine Jeans are READY TO WEAR! 

A friend of mine, Hair Stylist and Artist Benjamin Manista, had the same idea and created this amazing pair of denim! Ben used fabric markers and acrylic paint to create his style. I’ve seen Ben wear his jeans on many occasions and he’s received so much positive feedback when he’s worn them! 

Benjamin is a Mentor Hair Stylist at MC Salon, Spa & studio in Cuyahoga Falls. Ben is also an Artist and creates the most amazing painted pet portraits! His work can be viewed at studio mc, as well as his Instagram.

Stay happy, healthy and creative everyone. And paint outside the line…express some unconformity with your style. When we return to the “new normal,” you can also be expressing your new you. 

With so much love,

Megan xo

Megan Dyer
The Style Counsel, LLC