Quarantine 15×15 Outfit Challenge

Hello friends!

I hope you are all staying safe and well. This quarantine has its many challenges, wardrobe being one of them. It’s difficult not to stay in your pj’s all day (guilty as charged).

So I challenged myself to put together 15 outfits with 15 pieces in my closet that I got from Goodwill – I’m calling it the Quarantine 15×15 Challenge.

My 15 pieces consist of:
• nude heels
• white sneakers
• statement earrings
• polka dot wrap dress
• blue a-line dress
• black a-line “Dorito” (triangle) print midi skirt
• white and blue striped tee
• cream lace top
• red/white/blue sweatshirt
• cropped khaki pants
• cropped olive green pants
• dark wash jeans
• cream cardigan
• burgundy cardigan
• tan trench coat

For cooler days, layer a 3/4 sleeved top over a cotton dress and tie a knot at the waist.

You can layer a simple dress under a midi skirt and this way you can skip the slip!

You could also switch out the shoes here for the nude heels and get a dressier look.

I challenge you to put together 15 outfits with 15 pieces of clothing.

BONUS POINTS if they are all from Goodwill!

Before you know it we will be thrifting again, friends!

~ Modest Blondie