Red Trend

Energy. Love. Romance. Blood. Courage. Strength and Optimism. The color
red represents many things we come in contact with. Some good. Some
bad. Some intimidating. But there is always some romanticism attached to
the color red, and I think that is what draws me in. The color evokes an
energy that I do not see in other colors. It is vibrant and makes you feel
something. That is what I enjoy about it. It’s full of life. I’ve always
gravitated to the color red. I look back at the outfits I chose for school
photos, dresses for dances, shoes, even jewelry, it’s always been the color

The color red is at the forefront of Fashion right now and is one of Pantone’s
colors of 2018. Now is the time, fashion seekers, to start your search for
the perfect hue of red! I love the idea of starting a new thrifting journey by
choosing one specific and NEW color for your wardrobe. You may find a
dress, scarf, or something as simple as a sweatshirt – but it will give you
something different! You need to try something different from time to time
and leap out of your comfort zone – this is why thrifting is so great to add to
your wardrobe.

I’ve wanted to know why people are drawn to specific colors, and
what it says about their personality and style. I found with the color red
there is no lack of energy with people who chose this color. If you gravitate
to Red you may be extroverted and optimistic, courageous and
confident! You usually gain the respect of others quite easily with your
practical and grounded attitude and ability to set boundaries. Lovers of red
are the explorers and pioneers of the world, the entrepreneurs, and builders
who like to be first in discovering new physical realms. (empower-yourselfwith-

I have the awesome opportunity to work with some very stylish ladies. Each
of them always inspires me and my style in their own way. One style star
personality that is super chic and totally on trend is Mentor Stylist, Megan
Wolfe at MC Hair Consultants. She brings the Red front and center in what
has inspired her and her creative eye. (@themeganwolfe on Instagram)



My thought is that some of us could use a boost in these areas of our
personality, and wearing the color RED could help achieve just that. It’s like
when you wear workout clothes, you are more prepared to work out! If your
wearing a cooking apron, you are inspired to cook! If you wear red, you are
ready to CREATE and ACHIEVE!












The dress above was found The blue Boutique in Akron. I couldn’t
help but snag this sparkly wonder. It truly spoke to me!

I’m sure we all have colors that speak to us more than others. But it’s my
goal moving into Spring and Summer to try some new hues. I for one, am
not big on pink – it’s never been my thing. But…. it doesn’t have to stay that
way! I’m going to try to get me out of my color habits and into some NEW
COLORS! So…Pink, white, yellow, & orange. Here. I. Come.

For more inspiration on your red journey, please visit my Pinterest Page!!







Megan Dyer

The Style Counsel, LLC