Sail Away – In A Pea Coat

The Pea Coat holds a special place in this little style heart. I’ve had a love for this coat for YEARS!! In fact, I can remember it was one of the very first items I wore in High School that I felt my very best in.

3 reasons I love a pea coat (this is for fellas too):

  • The silhouette. It exudes youthful charm and confidence. The cut is clean and structured. You can wear it with anything!! T-shirt and jeans, dresses, ANYTHING, and this coat will polish off any look. In fact, my favorite way to wear this structured jacket is with casual items like jeans, or even atheleisure.
  • The pockets are perfectly placed. I keep my hands in my pockets a lot.  Pea coat pockets always seem to be placed just right for my hands and anything I need access to quickly.
  • Its warm! Quality, well made pea coats in 100% wool are so incredibly warm. It’s like wearing armor! And, I love the collar. There is a reason the collar is so large… because you are suppose to pop-it to protect your neck and ears! Style and warmth. Yes.

I wanted to do a little research as to WHY this coat became such an iconic staple in our Style History. If there is one thing you may have gathered about me, its that I’m really interested in why we wear what we wear, and the history behind it. #FashionNerd

A Brief History

The design of the pea coat is deeply rooted in military and navy history. In Dutch history, in fact!
Long-long ago when the Dutch began sailing the open seas they designed a coat that was form fitting to keep the harsh elements out, structured to a level of professionalism, and functional in many ways.

The slits that are placed at the hip were designed so the men could move freely on the ship and climb the ships ropes. The pockets, as mentioned earlier, are placed on the coat to easily access personal items. And, the double breasted and ulster collar were designed for an extra layer of protection on your torso. Form and function. I love it!!!

This coat is not a trend. It’s a classic. Its design will always be present. I say, never enough of a good thing, style wise. Designers will continually revisit this coat’s design for decades to come. And of course, The Goodwill and Blue Boutique is the best place to start when sourcing this coat. Remember, you want quality, 100% wool – go to blue!


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