Seasonal vs. Traditional: Shopping for Kids Spring Attire

Spring is arriving next month, but from the look & feel of it outside, springtime is a bit hard to imagine right now. Nevertheless, it’s time to think spring!


Although your littles ones will soon be hunting for eggs, it’s your time now to hunt for spring outfits!


Shopping for traditional spring holiday attire during the month of March doesn’t seem too fitting here in northeast Ohio. Most retailers carry sleeveless dresses in light colors with printed flowers & polka dots & big frilly bows of organza.


Let me state, there is nothing wrong with sleeveless & frilly. In fact, I posted a couple sleeveless options here. But sundresses in March? There’s an easy & cost-effective solution to that. There’s also another option — you can always consider purchasing a more seasonal outfit.


If you choose to put your girls in spring-like dresses, you can easily throw a cute knitted cardigan or denim jacket over it. Layering this time of year is not as much an option as it is a necessity. Why have your girls miss out on pretty dresses just because of a few snowflakes, right?


On the contrary, it’s also acceptable to shy away from the more traditional looking spring dresses & put your girls in something more seasonably fitting. For example, Goodwill has many knitted sweaters in pastel colors that you can pair with any cute skirt & leggings.


I put these two cuties in different outfit options – seasonal & traditional – each pretty enough for any celebration!


It’s also cute to dress up a holiday outfit with fun & colorful accessories such as hair bows & headbands!




Now, the nice thing about shopping at Goodwill is that they stock items that are always true to season. No matter what time of the year, you can find a dress or sweater. They also make it easy & fun to shop for any special holiday outfit since they always have items that are reflective of the holidays.


I put these two lovelies in a seasonal/end of winter outfit, as well as, a traditional spring look. One is sweetly wearing a cotton aqua sundress trimmed in white while the other is happy in a long-sleeve purple dress with a delicate floral print. Again, a light fabric jacket or cardigan can be layered on either type of dress & still look sweet & pretty.




We can’t forget about the boys…


Oxford style or casual cotton, Goodwill has more colorful shirts for boys than any dyed basket of Easter eggs!


I stuck with shades of blue when choosing outfit ideas for boys.


A dressier option is available with this pinstriped button-up by Ralph Lauren. Or for the more casual goer, a light blue pullover.


Really, either could be worn with khakis, denim jeans or cotton pants. And with each outfit ringing in at just under $5, you can’t go wrong.




Whether shopping for a traditional spring holiday dress or for a more seasonal looking outfit, remember to keep it colorful. Remember to keep it sweet. And remember to keep it thrifty!


Let your hunt for spring attire begin!