Stylish Storage Solutions

Now is the time many of us are looking at ways to simplify our lives and a good place to start is by reducing our stuff. Especially after the holidays, I think most of us look at the extra things we have that we may not need or want. Have you ever thought, “This is ridiculous, how can one person need all this?”

So after donating the unnecessaries, the duplicates and the unwanteds to Goodwill, we are still left with those items that need to be kept in their proper place. That doesn’t mean you have to think of storage as opaque plastic containers, rubber totes or under the bed hideaway containers.  Storage can be stylish, unique and attractive. Here are a couple of fashionable storage solutions that you can find on our website:

Folding Jewelry Box Organizer circa 1960/1970











Folk Art Jewelry Chest of Drawers












Lucite/Plastic Jewelry or Craft Organizers







Beauty Salon Cabinets by Collins









Vintage Wooden Card Catalog









Vintage Wooden Hat Rack/Furniture Piece












Bosca Leather Wallet/Travel Organizer








**Note: Information was collected through the website This site contains live and closed auctions from participating Goodwill agencies from across the United States. The auction items shown above may now be closed and sold. Please visit the website for more information or to browse the thousands of live auctions. And don’t forget: The mission of Goodwill Industries of Akron is to help individuals prepare for, find and retain employment. Thanks for your support.